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Mobile Phones

Welcome to our mobile phone section where you can choose the best phone for you according to your needs and taste. We have an appealing range of modern CDMA or GSM technology smart phones. All our service plans come with additional services you can enjoy at no additional charge.


We offer Cellular phone service on the largest and best quality networks in the country, All of our plans are on a prepaid basis without the need of contracts or credit checks. So go ahead and call us at 1-800-859-4385 to order the phone that you like and start saving today.

Celulares GSM

Sky 4.0 Sky 4.5D Sky 5.0L
Only $129.50 Only $139.50 Only $197.50
Sky 5.0S Sky 5.0Q Sky 5.0W
Only $164.50 Only $170.50 Only $160.50
Sky 5.5W Sky 6.0Q Sky 7.0Q
Only $187.50 Only $202.50 Only $199.00

Service Description


Customer acquires service when he buys one of our cell phones
The cell phone can take up to five days to reach the customer
Customers can start using the Long Distance service immediately (Through an access number)
Promotional prices include the first month of service, Shipping and Handling, Taxes and a free Bluetooth (handsfree)
Customer must call Customer Service in order to activate their service once they receive their handset
Customers use our services and receive their bill at the end of the month
In addition to the cellular and long distance services, customers can also add international topups through our Customer Service Department


Additional Services included


In-Country Radio (Free Service by where you can  listen to radio from your country via an access numberon your phone via a number do I)

Medical Discount Card



Additional services (require a monthly fee)


Doctor by phone (unlimited consultations with a licensed physician)
IP TV (available soon)
Immigration Services (available soon)

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We have a good selection of modern, attractive and economical cellular handsets to choose from to go with your unlimited monthly plan. Select your phone and plan today and  start enjoying Nuera Wireless. No contracts or credit checks.

International Long Distance


We offer the most economical and high quality Long Distance service in the market. We even give you credit. All you have to do is sign up and start talking. We will send you a bill at the end of the month. Ask about our unlimited services and if you sign up today, you can qualify for promotions and discounts.


Top Ups


When you sign for either our Cellular Services or International Long Distance service you can also have access to our International Top Up service where you can send balance to prepaid phones in most countries around the world.




As a member of our Nuera Wireles Family, you have access to two of the most sought after medical services in the market today: The USMedcard Doctor by phone service and the USMedCard Discount card. You can save thousands of dollars every year in medical bills starting Today.

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Llame Ahora 1-800-256-6861  /  Call Now 1-800-859-4385

and order you new mobile phone now